Why Rosso Chic

We are the gateway to your private full immersion in style and luxury with a classy Tuscan touch.

Luxury services tailored to your need

We have been travelling all around the world for top professional reasons but we are now back since we realized that real “luxury” is here in Italy. This is the Land where Excellences still live in: Renaissance Art and the most ancient traditions in craftsmanship merge with exceptional locations in the place where “la dolce vita” was born, a unique style to enjoy Life.

Rosso Chic can fulfill your desire to be part of this privileged and authentic experience, totally personalized based on your particular requests and giving you access to private places and to a selection of superb facilities topped by exceptional service. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and to our network of professionals, we will take care of everything, with the utmost attention to all the details of your holiday or special event.

We plan your first-class journey, experience or event from the very heart of Florence and Tuscany, but we can organize your Tuscan-style experience everywhere in the world, providing your top solution and adapt it to the context in order to totally satisfy your needs.

We would like to be your insider friend to introduce you to this special taste of life and to enjoy the “rosso” inside of you.

Rosso not by chance

Rosso is Passion. In dream cars like Ferrari, fashion haute couture like Valentino and top SuperTuscan wines.

Rosso is the sun at sunset on the hills around Florence.

Rosso is Amore.


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